Empowering radical
insurance innovation

Efinity Insurance Group is an Insurtech Powerhouse tail-winded by consolidation and digitisation. With 20+ years of industry expertise and first-hand know-how within international insurance markets.

The Group's unique business model combines Leadenhall's tech-driven insurance competencies with Efinity's unrivalled capacity for insurtech innovation.

“We are driving the digital transformation of insurance.”

Maciej Bud-Gusaim
CEO of Efinity Insurance Group

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was founded

Leadenhall Insurance

was founded

Lloyd's MGA

Leadenhall becomes a Coverholder

Underwriting Limited

founded in the City of London

Efinity Asia & Leadenhall Asia

founded in Hong Kong

Efinity Insurance Group

was created

We have been here from the very beginning

Today we effectively operate in a rapidly evolving insurance environment characterized by market consolidation, unprecedented growth and use of big data, unheard-of penetration of mobile technologies, booming operational efficiency and business transformation, thriving new insurance business models and digital ecosystems.

Our Strategic Advantages

Unique business model

‍A one-of-a-kind business model that meets the needs of the most desirable initiatives in today’s Insurtech industry – a perfect blend of insurance market competences, assets, and technology.

Synergy of top skills

Offering a unique combination of skills and expertise under one roof that covers Insurtech development & deployment, insurance underwriting and transactions, supported by top management.
Our continuously evolving platform, diversified product line solutions, and flexible engagement models ensure our ability to consistently provide for our flourishing carrier partnerships, efficiently expanding and servicing their global insurance consumer base, securing new income streams and constant revenue growth.

Scalable product line

We consciously plan and evaluate each internal product and Insurtech innovation investment and required commitment. All this to ensure their scalability and potential for disruption across multiple geographic and product segments to maximize returns on investment.

Exceptional Human Capital

Our employees are key to our success. Twenty years of passion, insurance expertise, and technology execution along with our continuous investment in diversified, interdisciplinary human capital made our Group the top choice for the best professionals on the market.

Executive Leadership

“We empower startup companies that offer radical innovation in the field of insurance. As an insurtech visionaries,  we embraced the benefits of cooperation with small yet mighty startups that provide a fresh look at the needs of the industry and its customers.”

Maciej Bud-Gusaim
CEO of Efinity Insurance Group

“We have been designing new IT solutions for the insurance industry for over 20 years. Today we offer a complete solution for transacting insurance and managing portfolios but is also open to Client and third-party systems to integrate and start utilizing as perfect synergy of activities.”

Marcin Chałotowski
CTO of Efinity

“At Leadenhall, a part of Efinity Insurance Group, we create insurance products underwritten with the security of Lloyd's that are distributed by the best Polish brokers and independent agents.”

Rajmund Rusiecki
President of Leadenhall Insurance

“We empower Insurers, Brokers and Agents to increase sales and improve operational efficiency to drive profits. Growing their competitiveness and customer acquisition through our continuous investment in developing innovative insurance products delivered by our insurance platform technologies.”

Jason Smith
Leadenhall Asia, Efinity Asia

A diverse team produces the best results

At Insurtech Powerhouse We have created a unique workplace through the synergy of our talents from the insurance and IT industries. Thank to their unique know-how and our focus on human to human contact we can exceed market expectations without loosing independence of the individuals. We belive that a diverse team produces the best results.


We are on a hunt for strategically aligned investors which seek smart investment that offloads risk, willing to support the holding of most experienced Insurtech companies and their brave ideas, giving us speed we need to grow more effectively.
Wish to help us with accelerating the development and deployment of our already proven technology stack, which is already revenue accretive across the insurance value chain?
Reach out to us
Efinity Insurance Group is an Insurtech Powerhouse empowering radical insurance innovation.