Marcin Prusaczyk became CFO at Efinity Insurance Group


Marcin Prusaczyk took over the position of CFO in Efinity Insurance Group in March. He is responsible for obtaining financing for the group's international expansion. Focuses on innovative solutions for the distribution of specialized and niche insurance products.

The specialist insurance market alone is valued at $80 billion and is projected to grow to $178 billion by 2030, with an average annual growth rate of 9.3% (Global Specialty Insurance Market report, Straits Research, 2022). niche insurance is several times higher. The cost of acquiring a customer on these markets is very high due to the complex nature of insurance products that require expert involvement of intermediaries in the sales process. The challenge and, at the same time, an opportunity is the very low penetration of modern technologies to support this process.

The Efinity group companies are characterized by an innovative mentality of insurtechs. They combine it with over twenty years of experience in developing technologies for their own and external insurance entities, as well as in insurance distribution - initially in the direct channel, and now in the indirect model. We have ready-made product and process solutions, based only on cooperation with intermediaries, which we can easily scale around the world. We need external funding to use this potential to its full extent. I deeply believe that we give investors the opportunity to carry out an attractive global investment with very good prospects for exit, looking at the current M&A activity on the insurtech market, comments MarcinPrusaczyk, CFO at Efinity Insurance Group.

Marcin Prusaczyk has twenty years of experience in managing PE/VC type investments and on the real estate market. He co-managed the VC Biomed Innovations fund, which invests in innovative medical startups. He was also involved in the Griffin Property Finance fund, offering debt financing on the real estate market. For many years associated with the investment company Cornerstone Partners, where, among others, supported the implementation of investments in Lux-Med. He started his professional career at Accenture - he participated in the international implementation of an ERP class system. He is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology in the faculties of Electronics and Management and Tulane University in the USA, where he obtained an MBA title as a scholarship holder of the Ron Brown Fellowship program

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