A day to celebrate insurance: a new strategy and world premiere of the latest Leadenhall Insurance System


“Together we are shaping the future of insurance” – this short motto guided the long-awaited meeting of Leadenhall Insurance with representatives of the company’s sales network that took place at the Fabryka Wełny hotel in Pabianice.

Together with its closest brokers

Together with its closest brokers, Leadenhall Insurance, Lloyd’s coverholder, celebrated its 13 th anniversary. The meeting was also an opportunity to celebrate the jubilee of 20 years of Efinity, a company Leadenhall has been associated with since its founding. Interestingly enough, the 2020 meeting was to take place at the very same location, when Leadenhall celebrated its 10 th anniversary. However, while the pandemic thwarted those plans, the company patiently waited to implement them on the new date.

“And that is actually a good thing that we postponed, because as a result I can be here too,” joked Rajmund Rusiecki, VP at Leadenhall Insurance, who gave the opening speech. Not only did he elaborate on the changes that took place, but basing on his own example, he inspired people to be creative at work, think outside the box, and have high aspirations. He then mentioned he started his career in insurance as a mere agent. Why did he choose to become one? Because he saw how insurance consultancy functioned in the West, while in Poland, one would only bring to the client insurance policies that were ready to be signed. So he sold his car, an old Polonez, and decided to change what the agency channel looked like. “This was my real-life MBA,” said Rusiecki, talking about business lessons learned and the bumpy road to success.

Structural changes and a new strategy “Leadenhall Insurance in a nutshell? 13 years on the market, one hundred thousand specialist policies, 795 agency contracts and 534 cooperating brokerage offices. Also a specific set of values and approaches to business as well as ambitious development plans for the coming years - together with our intermediaries,” stated from stage Tomasz Domalewski, head of sales at Leadenhall, to the gathered guests. During his speech, Rajmund Rusiecki presented the major changes in the structure of the group, from now on officially known as Efinity Insurance Group. Leadenhall and Efinity, the two halves of the Group, have been successfully operating in the most developed markets in Europe and Asia for years, gaining recognition, trust and recognizability. The Group’s adventure on global markets began with services in the field of technological support for insurance companies (Efinity). The insurance business (Leadenhall) came later and quickly gained priority. “The Efinity Insurance Group of today brings all our competences and years of individual experience together,” stated Rajmund Rusiecki and continued saying, “The combined power of the Group’s synergy enables us to streamline the insurance ecosystem and launch new end-to-end products at an unparalleled speed ensuring an unequaled competitive advantage for our clients."

Leadenhall Insurance System – a new quality in managing the policy process During the meeting, a new transaction system created jointly by Leadenhall and Efinity had a premiere: the Leadenhall Insurance System (LIS), presented together by Tomasz Domalewski, Leadenhall head of sales, and Marcin Chałotowski, Efinity CTO.

The new system strongly supports strategy and sales. The greatest emphasis is placed on customer involvement and relieving the broker of redundant tasks. It definitely stands out among other systems available on the market – not only in Poland, but on a global scale. “An agent is not paid for advisory services, but for policy sales,” said Tomasz Domalewski in his address. “Therefore, Leadenhall, respecting the intermediaries’ time, reduces administrative activities to a minimum, while giving more space for cross-selling and up-selling. We also believe that the policy itself or the GTC are not in fact the product. The entire process is the product and as such requires an appropriate approach,” he added. The graphic interface of the Leadenhall Insurance System resembles a clear and transparent online portal. It allows its users to connect with clients in real time and work together to prepare an offer. LIS operates on an omnichannel basis, supporting effectiveness of customer relations and the entire “policy process.” Furthermore, vendors can determine for themselves whether they have confidence in Leadenhall products and will sell them by means of a fast-track, or want to be supported by an advanced transaction system instead, including marketing automation or AI algorithms. The new system gives vendors the ability to share sales processes with their customers in a simple and intuitive way, allowing both parties to have greater control over the course of the purchasing process, even in the case of more complex insurance products. Both the purchasing and the selling party can easily monitor the process and go through the steps necessary to sign the policy. Customers can either fill in applications and medical questionnaires on their own or get help from brokers. In turn, brokers are provided powerful support in the form of real-time monitoring of the actions undertaken by the party to be insured, as well as a fast track to communicate with their clients. “We noticed that due to ineffective tools combined with the regulations in force, agents spend an excessive time on not selling their products. The Leadenhall Insurance System aims to help them work much more efficiently since it carries out countless tasks on their behalf as well as allows for such tasks to be transferred to the clients,” explained Domalewski. Special prizes and awards. The event in Pabianice was also an opportunity to hand out prizes to the best agents, awarded in four categories. Numerous hilarious anecdotes were told by the Leadenhall head of sales who took a walk down memory lane, or in his case: down the path to insurance brokerage stardom. Agents then “paid back” with kind words about Leadenhall and the company’s products, neither simple nor obvious at first glance, yet a source of great satisfaction.

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